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Very nice place to live

August 1, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The staff was very helpful and friendly, it was peaceful and I never felt unsafe, and the apartments themselves are well kept. My only qualm was that the only air conditioning is a window unit in one of the bedrooms, which did not cool the place down well. Other than that, 10 10 would live there again

Mollie Donahue

Great Experience

July 31, 2016

Overall, living at Forest Park has been a great experience. The office staff is very helpful and accommodating. Apartments come clean and ready to move in with no outstanding issues. The grounds are well kept and the maintenance staff is prompt and friendly. Also, the location is hard to beat right next to the nature preserve. An outstanding place to live.

Austin Maus

It's well worth it

July 28, 2016

I’ve been living at this apartment complex with my mother for almost two years. We never have any issues, the neighbors are friendly, but mostly keep to themselves. It is quiet and close to nature, no trouble, convenient mail room and plenty of laundry rooms which are all kept clean. Awesome pool, kept very clean, the staff are nice and friendly and if you ever have issues, they will come to fix it in a very timely manner. Always someone at the office to help you if you need anything. The cost might be a little high but it is well worth it for all of the things you get, not to mention its close to the Forest Park Nature Center and the trails, so you can hike whenever you want.

Sherry Freeman

Response from Forest Park Apartments

Thank you so much for the kind words.

Dave and Staff

A great place to live

July 1, 2016

I really like the community here. The neighbors are quiet at least, we don’t have a lot of noise disturbances while we’re inside our apartment , and the maintenance and the management is great. They are reliable and easy to communicate with. My only issues are with the lack of central cooling and heating, the tiny tiny mailboxes, and the lack of privacy if I want to open the curtains. I don’t like the thought of having someone walking by my windows and seeing inside. Overall, though, Forest Park is a great place to live. I really do enjoy it here and hope to stay for awhile.

Rachael Smith

I think the property is well taken care of. In the year that I have lived here there have been a lot of up-keep. I have appreciated the new window and deffinantly the driveway entrance.

June 26, 2016

There are a lot of things I like about these apartment. I like that it feels more of a community than an apartment complex. There are people at the pool, jogging, or even sitting on their porch. I love how pet friendly everything is and doesn’t cost a monthly free for a furry friend. Everyone has been able to make not just the inside but the outside of their space unique. The events and constest really add to everything as well. I also enjoy the fact I don’t have to walk down a smelly hallway to get to my apartment. My door is out in the open. In doing so my apartment smells like me and not what everyone has been cooking all day. I have needed things fixed and I am happy how fast and efficient this place is. With that said, everything here is just a click away on the easy website. At night the apartments light up in a very beautiful view making it easy to get around if you tend to get home late. Overall, this apartment complex is quiet, peaceful, and highly recommend.

Tara Stoeger